Hello colleagues, friends and partners,

Another couple of months have gone by and here’s an update on my creative endeavour … just to let you know that I’m still alive, kicking and ready to take on new projects and collaborations with you.

These are some highlights of my recent work, including my latest film scores, music and sound design for commercials, live music for dance performances, art projects, photography and film making.

Thank you to everyone who enables me to pursue my work and passion.
Thank you for your ongoing support!



In the commercial world, I have had the pleasure of composing music for Mercedes Benz, Kia, BOS, 11 Teamsports, Purelei.


Directed by Nico Beyer
Music and Sound by Christian Meyer



Music by Christian Meyer with MassiveMusic Berlin.



Directed by Sebastian Brune
Music and Sound by Christian Meyer



I’m very happy to support BOS.
Directed by Nico Beyer
Music by Christian Meyer


I have also worked as a composer, sound designer and producer for 86Tales.


This summer, we restaged the piece RING by Felix Ruckert at the Cultural Summer Berlin, Dock 11, and Xplore Berlin.
RING was created in 1999 and explores the relationship between audience members and performers.
Between 1999 and 2007, RING was performed in over 30 cities worldwide.

This year, I composed and performed the music for RING alongside Oliver Doerell.

Chroreography by Felix Ruckert
Music by Oliver Doerell and Christian Meyer


ROZA in the rough
A short film about our work with art, dance, performance and music last summer in Roza (PL)

By Sue Schroeder and Core Dance
Music by Christian Meyer


I have directed the short film ‘Body of Water’ with Sue Schroeder, which will be showcased in September at Core Dance (USA) and will then be available to watch online.

Choreography and performance by Sue Schroeder
Camera, edit and music by Christian Meyer


A running art project that features a series of my dreams paired with animated photographs and soundtracks.

This project is a unique way for me to explore my subconsciouses in an artistic way. You can follow me on facebook, instagram and tiktok



Animated Photography with Sound by Christian Meyer



And please visit my photography website: christianmeyerphotography.com.
I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio.



For the moment I’m composing the music for a serie about Jack Kennedy directed by Tamara Erde. Music supervision by Matthias Tode – Ohrfilm.
At the same time I’m recording the score for two new episodes of SOKO Leipzig directed by Herwig Fischer.
On the 8th of September I will be performing with Core Dance for another screening of our movie Home by Sue Schroeder and Adam Larsen in Gdansk.


For further information please visit my website:


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