I am delighted to share some recent updates on my creative endeavors with you.
From film and dance projects to commercial collaborations, a running art project and photography, I have been fortunate to work on a diverse range of exciting projects.

As always, I am open and eager to take on new projects and collaborations. Whether it’s for your next film, commercial, or other creative adventure,
I hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon.

Here are some highlights of my recent work, including my latest film scores, festival appearances, and brand collaborations.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


I recently completed the score for Florian Anders‘ latest film, “Love Me Again”. It features an orchestral arrangement mixed with experimental sounds, including some innovative guitar playing techniques. Please also check out our other collaboration: “Change Of Perspective


Currently, I am collaborating with director Philipp Eichholtz on a new episode of SOKO Leipzig, a popular German TV series.


Additionally, “Pink Puzzle” by Mike Adler, for which I provided the music, has been generating buzz at festivals and receiving international awards.


Recently, I also provided the music for two short films by Sebastian Brune, one about a basketball player from San Bernardino and the other about the legendary skate park in Venice Beach. Both films have been submitted to festivals, and I will keep you updated on their progress. Please also check out “The Routine”.


Furthermore, the dance film « HOME » by Sue Schroeder and Adam Larsen, with my music, has been selected to run at various dance film festivals. I am very happy to have contributed to this beautiful piece of art. Here is a clip from our performance for the premiere at the beautiful l’abbaye de Beaulieu.


In addition to film and dance projects, I have also contributed music to VR-installations, including “Ring-Digital” by Felix Ruckert, Irina Shutova and Varvara Rybakova at DOCK 11, “Shirokage” and “Bist Du Immer Noch Bei Mir?” by Yui Kawaguchi.


In the commercial world, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with brands such as BMW M, Google Pixel, KIA, Hey Jobs, and Bite Away and I have also worked as a producer for MassiveMusic and 86Tales.


On a personal note, I am excited to announce the launch of my photography website, christianmeyerphotography.com. I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio.
I am currently searching for a gallery or art space to showcase my work. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Lastly, I launched “THE DREAM DIARY“, a running art project that features a series of my dreams paired with animated photographs and soundtracks. This project is a unique way for me to explore my subconsciouses in an artistic way. You can follow me on facebook, instagram and tiktok



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