Ulrike Haage, composer, pianist, sound artist & radio play author, is one of the most multifaceted artists in Germany today, who elegantly shifts between Jazz, Experimental & Classical Music. Since 2004 she has released highly respected solo projects. Her audio pieces impressively show Haage’s inspiring & ongoing involvement with artists in other disciplines such as film. The soundtracks for the documentaries and movies are all characterized by an almost imperceptible fusion with the visual. She received numerous awards for her radio play productions and film music compositions.

Christian Meyer is an award-winning musician and composer for film, dance, performance and advertising music. In addition to numerous projects for world-famous brands, his portfolio also includes compositions for sound installations and photo exhibitions.

After years of collaboration for film and dance theatre, Ulrike’s & Christian’s first album Stills was released in 2018. With DAWN the two musicians created another extraordinary symbiosis of their styles: mysterious, touching piano with eerie electronic arrangements and effects.

DAWN is an atmospheric musical journey transcending from unease into hope, from fear into longing, from murder into healing. Melodic compositions embedded in multilayered soundscapes trigger every possible emotion of our inner movie called life.
DAWN – when night transforms into day.