Hello colleagues, friends, and partners,

Here’s a quick update on my recent work.
These are some highlights of my latest film scores, music, and sound design for commercials, as well as my contributions to dance-theatre and photography.
Thank you to everyone who supports me in pursuing my work and passion.
Your ongoing support means the world to me. I look forward to hearing from you for future collaborations.



Music for the documentary about Sigourney Weaver, directed by Bärbel Merseburger-Sill, now available on ARTE.


Music for the short movie “Way Out” by Sebastian Th. Brune.


Music for the DDR Box by Nadja Klier.


In the commercial world, I had the pleasure of composing music for Telekom and Siemens in collaboration with 86Tales and creating the sound design for Land Rover directed by Nico Beyer.

Land Rover



I had the pleasure of creating an animated movie and composing the score for “A Brief Moment of Alignment” by Sue Schroeder, which was showcased at the University of Arkansas during the solar eclipse festivities.


Performed live music for the bondage show EURIX – European Rigger & Model Exchange 2024 at Holzmarkt / Säälchen, Berlin.
Listen to the over 3-hour live performance here.


Please visit my new photography website: christianmeyerphotography.com.
I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio. And feel free to send me a short email if you’re interested in an art print.


Currently, I’m working on the new movie by Anders & Anders, an upcoming short movie by Sebastian Th. Brune, and new episodes of SOKO Leipzig.

At the end of July, I will perform live with Ulrike Haage at the Muffathalle in Munich for the interactive play “Ring” by Felix Ruckert.
“Ring” has been shown in over 30 cities worldwide since its premiere and will be revived 25 years later as part of the “Living Archive” project organized by Munich’s Department of Culture.

I’m also composing tracks for Sue Schroeder‘s new work Breath.

I would be delighted to collaborate with you again soon.
Until then, all the best!



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