Christian Meyer :: composition recording and vocals

Komi Mizrajim Togbonou :: vocals

Christian Meyer is a Berlin-based, award winning composer and musician.

His work and collaborations span a wide array of mediums and genres. He has composed scores for films, commercials, and dance/theatre, created sound installations.

In addition to his sound work, Christian explores visual creativity with his fine art photography work and video art.

Komi Mizrajim Togbonou is an award winning actor and musician/singer. Currently, he is associated with the Deutsche Theater Berlin and has appeared in numerous films.

Komi has collaborated with notable artists and bands like Nina Hagen, Die Fantastischen Vier, Thomas D, Son Goku, Mars Allstars, and others.

HARD NIPPLES live @ Urban Spree, Das Imperium Berlinale Party 2014

Film by Nicolás Blankenhorn / Camera: Katharina Wahl / Nicolás Blankenhorn / Visuals: Lief Hall

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